This weekend Team White House went on a group outing to Rotterdam, for a really cool architectural experimental event called 24Hofpoort. which is part of the activity for the National Architecture Day. The theme of the event is “24 hr architecture”. The former Shell office tower, a 24-story high typical 1970s brutalist building, was turned into a vertical city with all kinds of living programs. The event also only lasted for 24 hrs, from 5pm yesterday to 5pm today, echoing the 24 theme.

So follow me on a tour of the tower.



upon entering the tower, you got to pick a sticker that says how long you will be staying in the building.

Following the elevator girls, we went straight up to 24th floor, which housed a restaurant and cafe bar.


Even the menu was programmed by hours:




The 23F had an overview of the city of Rotterdam. Look at those cute googlemap pins on the window view!



Everyone is free to doodle their own imagination of Rotterdam on this hand-drawn Rotterdam Panorama.




After getting some artistic inspirations at the architecture exhibition floor and “Museumpoort” floor, we headed down to the Sun Dial Yogi Tea Bar on 20F.



The Yoga spot rotated according to the position of the sun. We had a nice yoga session there in the open floorplan. I’ve never done yoga in such an open floor, and being surrounded by the city skyline.

On 13F was supposed to be the most fun part of the building, a Skyline Rollerdisco Ballroom. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get into the building last night, so by this morning everything had all died down…sad!

10F, “reality shop ENTER”, housed several cool boutique shops and a massage salon.




9F was an urban camping ground where there were a bunch of tents standing for visitors to rest.

My favorite floor is 8F, Super Lucky Mall. IMG_3907

All kinds of random snacks were hanging on the ceiling by fishing strings, and there were little blocks all around the windowsill where you can lower the snack by loosing up the tied string.




5F, Playground was the cutest level of all building. There was an indoor soccer field and neon-pink running track.



and yes they were real grass!


2F is the hub of the building, where there was a lecture space, a NAI (Netherlands Architecture Institute) book market, a talkshow room.



Here is a model of our 24h city…


For some reason this cute event had made my day that I am still smiling while writing this post. I guess what makes it so interesting is the idea of sharing this collective experience with all the other visitors in the building (another similar interactive event I can think of is the reinterpretation of the Shakespeare play, Sleep No More, in NYC last year). Each participant of 24Hofpoort is also a participant of a huge collective experiment, an experiment of an imagined way of living. Isn’t architecture all about proposing/improving new ways of living? In 24Hofpoort, we were all temporarily transported to this architect’s fantasy.



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