Deceitful Days

_DSC0599The extended daylight time in this northern country always gives me an illusion of “I am able to get off work on time”, which is totally not true in this profession no matter where I escape to in this world. I thought I work way less hours compared to what I did in HK, but in fact I get to work 1.5 hrs earlier than my HK schedule, and get off around 7ish. In total that is more or less the same as HK.

The only difference is when I get off work the day is still THIS bright. This is a picture taken 9:30pm today. The lovely daylight makes me feel as if I still have plenty free time to go for a evening jog.

It is fascinating how the natural phenomenon can give one a false perception of time. For example I hardly felt a year has passed since graduation, mostly because I have been lucky enough to land in the 20+/- Celcius weather no matter where I move around the world. Nice as it may feel like though, I think I still prefer a clear cycle of the changing seasons, just because it can make me have a better sense of time and remind me not to work too much!


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